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If you are frustrated with your financial stress and are looking for an effective solution, this is your chance to give your business a whole new turn.

The SMCA Process

Overview of Your Situation

In order to help you streamline your debt solutions, we need to take a detailed look at your overall situation. We will review your financial circumstances, what your creditor accounts look like, and what hardships they may cause your business. Our analysts will study all of this information in order to obtain a clear picture of the difficulty excess debit is causing your business.

Optimizing Your Strategy

Our skilled team of experts will take your data and turn it into a game plan unique to your business. Included are suggestions for increasing cash-flow, and providing relief for your current debt situations. We will sit down and discuss the plan with you, so that all of our actions are ones that you will feel comfortable with. You will have a chance to ask questions and get answers before we move forward with your plan.

Resolutions for Your Debt Issues

Sit back and relax while we work hard on your debt problems. We will do everything possible for you, so you are free to concentrate on the important part—growing your business. We will go above and beyond to give your business a whole new turn.

Do you Qualify ?

Having business debt is not necessarily a sign that your business is in danger of business bankruptcy. If you are not sure, why not check out these common signs and see if any apply to you:

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  • Are you getting farther behind on payments towards your equipment lease or inventory?
  • Are you unable to meet your payroll needs?
  • Are your advance payments crushing your business cash flow?
  • Are your business bank accounts partially in the negative on a monthly basis?
  • Do you receive collection calls on a daily basis?
  • Are you contemplating closing down your business?

Recent Results

Here are some of Settle My Cash Advance most recent results provided to our clients

About us

Skilled Professionals

We have been helping businesses find debt solutions that works over time. We have saved our clients millions of dollars since inception, and are looking forward to helping you with your difficulties.

Solutions that work

We customize all of our options to your business needs. Not every solution is right for every business, and we strive to help you find options that work for you. Our strategies have been proven to work, and you can see it in our track record of successful debt solutions.

Swift Assistance

When you are one more month away from business insolvency, you need help immediately. Months or weeks can make all the difference between strengthening your core and getting back in the game, or throwing in the towel and closing your doors forever. We will get to work immediately, letting you maximize your time and effort to sustaining your business needs.

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You will find that we are,

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  • Confidential

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